Exclusive souvenir bells

Look.  Listen.  Enjoy.

Exclusive souvenir bells

  •  High quality bronze
  •  Magic sound
  •  Exceptional craftsmanship

We are pleased to offer you an amazing and unique product, which makes people happier!

Why choose us

  • It is exclusive souvenir bells with images of cities all around the world, sacred Christian and other patterns.
  • They are hand-made of bronze according to the technology of ancient casting.
  • Each one sounds magically and especially.
  • Our bells are not just a beautiful souvenir, but

Just listen to it !..

We work with

  • Gift and souvenir shops
  • Distribution companies
  • Religious organizations
  • Corporate clients



350 g bell:  height 7.5 cm, diameter 7.5 cm
1 kg bell:    height 12 cm, diameter 12 cm
4 kg bell:    height 21 cm, diameter 21 cm


Body: tin — up to 20%, copper — up to 82%
Tongue: brass
Stud: steel
Blind nut: brass
Strap: genuine leather


The holder is made of wood   (oak or ash-tree)
1 kg bell: length 25 cm, height 21.5 cm, weight 400 g
4 kg bell: length 44 cm, height 36 cm, weight 2 kg


Each bell is conveniently and beautifully packed in a black and gold cardboard box (bubble wrap is used for transportation):

350 g bell:  10 х 10 х 10 cm
1 kg bell:    13 х 13 х 13 cm


The artistic foundry of B. Podorozhny

Created in 1989 by a small team of craftsmen in Voronezh, Russia, our manufacture has been producing large bells and belfries of bronze according to the technology of ancient manual casting. It is only manual labor without any machine tools and other technological equipment that is used during the surface treatment of bells.


Our products

Now we offer you exclusive small size gift bells made of classic bell bronze on a leather handle. We are the only foundry that was able to cast a thin-walled small bell and achieve the unsurpassably long duration of its sound. It is fairly important to say that, presenting a small bell, you are not just giving someone a beautiful souvenir, but rather provide them with an original musical instrument.



Name bells and marine bells, the ones with images of various cities, sights, coats of arms, prayers or other symbols, — they are a perfect fit to almost any festive occasion. The high quality of processing combined with original packaging makes such gift truly unique and top of the line. It is also possible to create exclusive series of bells dedicated to specific events if the customers were to provide their own sketch or a technical task.


Partners & dealers

We are interested in new promising projects and business connections. Our foundry has already acquired a stable level of production and supplies logistics but doesn’t want to stop there. We are currently looking for further development hoping that our creative management approach will allow us to implement the most innovative solutions.



Expert Council of the Artistic Foundry of B. Podorozhny thoroughly explores the topic of preserving and reviving the national traditions of Russian bell casting art.

The exclusive small-sized gift bells that we cast have a really distinct profile with a harmonious ratio of diameter, thickness and height which gives them their unique sonority. Our bells are high-quality musical instruments with their own voice and character.

The Foundry’s professional team consists of artists, engravers and foundry workers with the rich experience, delicate taste and exquisite execution, who perform the whole sequence of techniques according to traditional foundry technology.

In our production we use the classical bell bronze — an alloy of tin and copper. The surface treatment is performed in several steps, exclusively by hand using pneumatic tools and sand. The whole process is carried out manually without the usage of volume scanners and 3D printers. 

In order to give the bells matte finish we combine using modern appliances and authentic tools of ancient casters, such as natural abrasives or even something as simple as a wooden stick.

Founded in 1989 in Voronezh.

Bells models are made by an engraver
according to the artist's pencil sketches.

Bell facts

Scientific research of the bells acoustic effect is being conducted in many countries. Currently, numerous studies and observations have confirmed the beneficial effect of bell ringing on a person’s emotional and physical condition.

Bell chiming was used to greet distinguished guests, to honor the arrival of royalty or to express the common joy because of one’s wedding.

The bells call all people to come to the temple and give praise to God. They call for festive celebrations and honor the victorious heroes.

The ringing of bells warned about disasters, called on the people to defend their countries and greeted warriors who just returned from a battle.


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